Solutions and Pricing

Application Design
  • New Web Applications
    • Best for interactive sites.
    • Custom built front and backends.
    • Designed with mobile and the modern web in mind.
    • Starting at $300
  • Modern Websites
    • Best for static sites with infrequent updates.
    • Mobile and modern web friendly.
    • Great for resturants and other customer service businesses.
    • Starting at $100
  • E-Commerce Stores
    • Take your business online with a custom built online storefront.
    • Accept all major payment types securly and safely.
    • Integrate your current invintory control solution (or have one built along side).
    • Starting at $500
  • Productivity Applications
    • Modernize your infrastructure, inventory, or employee tracking.
    • Automate basic or complex repetitive tasks, like customer contact emails or low inventory warnings.
    • Ensure your data is safe, secure, and highly available from anywhere on any device.
    • Contact us for details!
Site Recovery
  • Wordpress Rescue Specialist
    • We specialize on turning your old Wordpress site into a modern, mobile friendly solution.
    • Keep your site design identical to ensure your customer know where to go.
    • Or update to a modern look.
    • Pricing starting at $200
  • Static Sites
    • Great for resturants and other customer facing businesses.
    • Mobile friendly and great for SEO rank.
    • Pricing starting at $100
  • GDRP Compliance Updating
    • Great for businesses with customers in Europe.
    • Help your small business become a global presence.
    • Contact us for details!
Hosting Solutions
  • Database Hosting Specialist
    • We specialize in hosting databases of all types, both SQL and NoSQL.
    • Triple redundancy and Automated backups avalible.
    • Contact us for details!
  • Static File Hosting
    • Host your static site or files securly with us.
    • Starting at $50 a month.

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